SecureJournalTM is a Daily Journal and Secure Document Editor which allows you to easily create, edit and maintain daily journal entries, without the risk of other people being able to read your personal experiences, thoughts and ideas.

Very intuitive and easy-to-use

Secures your data with strong 896-bit encryption

Access is protected with a 'Master password'

Full-month calendar displays all days with entries

Fast and efficient, even with years of entries

Automatically saves any changes you make

Fast display lock-out to foil sticky-beaks

Calendar highlights the current day of the month

Keeps your valuable notes in one central location

Includes a unique password recovery system

Opens to the current day's journal entry on launch

Easy insertion of time-stamps and line-separators

Supports all font types, styles, colors and sizes

Versions for Windows and MacOS

Std Edition is only USD24.95 (with free updates)




  Lite Edition




  Std Edition