Kenbushi® is a powerful Digital Media Jukebox which puts your library of movies, TV shows, music and other media at your fingertips for easy browsing, fast searching and instant playback. Kenbushi can be used to manage media on your Mac or PC, but it can also convert any computer into a media center with InternetTV which connects directly to your existing TV or home theatre system. It includes a Secure Data Backup system and easy File-Sharing over LAN or Internet.




  New in v7.5

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A complete Internet TV system for your livingroom

200+ channels of free high-quality content

Powerful, gorgeous full-screen media control

Plays all types of movies (avi, divx, H264, etc.)

Plays all music, including purchased iTunes songs

Auto media player selection (VLC, Quicktime)

Store media across any number of hard disks

Converts old computers into media servers

View slideshows wirelessly on PSP, DS or PPC

Backup your data regularly to keep it safe

Works on wireless and wired networks

Transfer files between Windows, Mac and Linux

Control media playback wirelessly with your PDA

Remotely synchronize folders via LAN or Internet

Share files with your friends over the Internet

Versions for Windows, MacOS X (Linux soon)

"Your program is simple, elegant, and essential."

-- N. Busis MD, PA, USA

"Thanks for a dynamite program!"

-- V. McKinney, AB, Canada

"Awesome product."

-- J. Weinstein, Ontario, Canada

"I'll definitely be recommending your software to others, it has been a godsend."

-- J. Davenport, London, UK